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One cause of pain treated by chiropractors is called facet joint syndrome, and it is associated with spinal joint decay. If you’re considering seeing a chiropractor for back or neck pain relief, then watch this video to learn more about facet joint syndrome.

Facet joint syndrome is a condition that leads to back or neck pain and stiffness. Cervical facet joint pain is felt at the base of the skull, shoulders, and upper back. Lumbar facet joint pain is typically felt over the affected joints but may also cause symptoms in the hips, buttocks, groin, and backs of the thighs. Additionally, if there is inflammation in the joints, then this may lead to arthritic overgrowth and pinched nerves.

At The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers, we specialize in treating a broad range of spine conditions. To schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors serving The Woodlands, call (281) 362-0006.

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