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Nerve damage, or neuropathy, can cause problems like pain, weakness, and numbness, and chiropractors treat many patients who suffer from neuropathies related to diabetes. If you have diabetes, then continue reading to discover some of the dangerous complications that can be caused by untreated diabetic neuropathy.

Limb Loss
Nerve damage can cause a loss of feeling in the feet and allow sores and abrasions to go unnoticed. When this happens, a wound may ulcerate or become severely infected. Also, because diabetes causes reduced blood flow to the feet, the risk of infection of a wound in this area is high. When an infection reaches the bone or causes tissue death, saving the affected toe, foot, or lower leg may not be possible.

Sexual Dysfunction
In cases of autonomic neuropathy, nerves in the sexual organs often suffer damage. Because of this, if diabetic neuropathy is left untreated, men may experience erectile dysfunction and women may develop problems with arousal and lubrication.

Low Blood Pressure
Neuropathy can also affect the nerves of the circulatory system and impact the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure. This problem can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure when the individual stands after a period of sitting, potentially resulting in dizziness or fainting.

Digestive Issues
When diabetic neuropathy damages nerves in the digestive system, the individual may experience diarrhea, constipation, bloating, nausea, vomiting, or loss of appetite. Gastroparesis, a condition in which the stomach fails to empty or empties slowly, can also result.

Urinary Problems
Diabetic neuropathy, left untreated, can affect nerves that control the bladder, which may prevent it from emptying completely. If this occurs, bacteria may have the chance to multiply and cause urinary tract infections. Also, if the nerves that control the muscles which release urine are damaged, then urinary incontinence may result.

The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers offers pain management services and neuropathy treatment in The Woodlands. To schedule your visit with one of our chiropractors, please call (281) 362-0006.

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