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Spinal traction treatment is a nonsurgical way to gently stretch the spine to relieve pressure. This form of decompression therapy works by producing negative pressure in the discs, which relieves compression on the nerves. It also allows the discs to receive a steadier flow of oxygen-rich, nutrient-filled blood, which supports the healing process. Your chiropractor or physical therapist may recommend spinal traction treatment for a few different conditions.

Lumbar or cervical decompression therapy can help heal herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and pinched nerves. It can also be used for patients with bone spurs, facet joint disease, and foraminal stenosis. Although traction treatment is safe, it isn’t necessarily right for every patient, such as those with osteoporosis or certain cancers. Let your healthcare provider know about all of your medical conditions before you try traction therapy.

The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers offers comprehensive herniated disc treatment options in The Woodlands, including spinal traction therapy. Give us a call at (281) 362-0006, and one of our talented chiropractors will determine if traction treatment is right for you.

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