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Save Time Your First Visit

We want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible when you come in. Save some time before your visit – fill out our new patient form below so you can relax before your appointment.

woman in glasses smiling

Patient Education Center

At the dental office of Dr. James L. Davis, we want to ensure that our patients have all of the available information at their fingertips. This is why we are partnered with ADA Patient Smart – Patient Education Center; so we can open up a world of knowledge regarding the health of your smile. Please browse the different categories to see if we can answer your questions ahead of your appointment.

ADA patient smart


Every effort will be made to respond to your emergency needs the same day. Calling us early in the day is appreciated. This lets us accommodate you more easily.

New Patients

First visit to our office? Save time. Minimize your waiting time in the office – get in to see the dentist faster. Fill out our Patient Registration Form in advance.