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Expert Dental Services

Every dental patient had different needs. The experienced staff at the dental office of James L. Davis offers a wide variety of services ranging from preventative care to advanced technology procedures. Our patients health and comfort is invaluable to us so we want to ensure that we take all the right care to make you feel at ease. Take a look at what our dental services include below.

Preventive Care, Diagnosis & Restoration

Professional Teeth Cleaning

We believe in the importance of regular preventive care. That’s why professional teeth cleaning with a preventive recall program tops our list of services. As a service to our patients, we have adopted a customized recall program.

Dental Sealants

This treatment applies a plastic material to one or more teeth to help prevent cavities. Permanent molars are most likely to benefit from sealants. It is best to apply the sealant after the teeth have erupted before they have a chance to decay.


Crowns can be made with various materials, including all metal (sometimes gold alloys), all porcelain or zirconia. Dr. Davis will suggest what is best for your dental health and aesthetics. It is your smile, so you have the choice of material and best suits your needs.

Mouth Guards

If you play an active contact sport (basketball, hockey, soccer, etc.), you should be wearing a mouth guard. Custom-fitted mouth guards are made in our office, offering you superior comfort and protection.


Our denture features IVOCAP, an injection molded acrylic that is superior in quality. Our dentures include premium quality denture teeth that looked just like real ones and are easy to take off and maintain.

Advanced Technology

Digital Diagnostic X-rays

These x-rays offer immediate viewing of the imaged area with significantly less radiation exposure for the patient and better visualization of the area by allowing the enhancement of the image on the computer screen. No processing of chemicals and film is required.


This is a non-invasive laser used for diagnosing tooth decay not visible to the eye and to the dental explorer. It works by scanning a tooth and measuring fluorescence inside that tooth. The measurement is expressed into a numeric value that relates the likelihood of decay.

CARESTREAM Digital System

This is an image scanning system for crowns and bridgework that records the images of the teeth into a computer and forwards that information via the Internet to a laboratory to construct the reconstruction.

Intra-Oral Camera

Patients can see fine detail and have a better understanding of the condition of their teeth and gums. You can be more aware of where the problem is, so you can better understand what actions need to be take in order to fix it.

Other Services

  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Bleaching
  • Fixed bridgework
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Implants
  • Implant supported dentures
  • Removable partial dentures

High-Tech Dentistry in a Caring, Compassionate Environment

Dr. James L. Davis and Dr. Collin Petoskey
– Your Dentists for Life