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Our Office Installs Same-Day Crowns in Peoria, IL

At the dental office of Dr. James L. Davis, our dentists install same-day crowns. A crown is a cap that goes over a tooth. We usually use them when our patients have a weak, chipped, or cracked tooth, or to hold a bridge in place. In some cases, we use crowns for dental emergencies. They are also helpful in correcting long-term damage before it causes other problems. In the past, they required two visits to the dentist, and they were weeks apart. Now, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the dental office of Dr. James L. Kirk can place a crown on your tooth in just one day. Same-day crowns help Peoria, IL residents smile and eat with ease.

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The Same-Day Crowns Process

The process we use for same-day crowns is far more comfortable than it was in the past. We use the Carestream Digital System technology to take high-definition pictures of your teeth, which is easier for you than traditional dental impressions. Once we’ve measured the affected tooth, our professionals use computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to create a custom-fitted crown. Once we’ve taken the measurements, we create the crowns while you relax in the waiting room. You’ll leave our office on the day you arrive with a tooth-saving dental crown.

Schedule An Appointment with Our Office Today

At the dental office of Dr. James L. Davis, our team possesses the experience and technology needed to perform same-day crown procedures. Same-day crowns require not only a qualified dentist but a facility armed with sophisticated imaging and computer software. Not every dentist is set up to do so. While you’re in our office, we can also perform your regular dental cleaning and offer general and cosmetic dental services. To schedule an appointment with us, give us a call today.

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